Meter Readings & AMR FAQs

How can I provide a meter reading?

There are several options for you to provide a meter reading. For both gas and electricity you can supply them by phone, email or online – whichever is easiest for you.

Online: My Gazprom Energy
Telephone: 0161 837 3395
Fax: 0207 756 9789

Please submit gas and electricity readings by the 1st day of the month. These will then be included within your latest invoice. 


All our electricity customers are eligible for a free automated meter reading (AMR) device and metering within their contract. Customers with these devices can benefit from additional data service packages, which are paid for, but can add real value in helping to monitor and manage energy use.

What is Automated Meter Reading (AMR)?

AMR is a system that:
1. Enables an automatic meter reading, and
2. Provides granular consumption data at half hourly time periods*

Simply it’s the ability to take a meter reading, and monitor use, without the need to physically visit the site. To enable automated meter readings you will need either a data logger (for gas) or an advanced meter (for electricity) to be installed.

*Gas customers can choose between hourly or half hourly data collection and for electricity customers the consumption is automatically captured in half hourly periods.

Am I eligible for an AMR?


Any gas site with an annual quantity of consumption (AQ) greater than 293,000 kWh / 10,000 therms and any customer that agrees to a Flexible contract are eligible for free AMR metering. If you are a smaller business, using less gas, you can still request AMR when you sign up to a contract, or by calling our team on 0161 837 3351.


All our Non Half-Hourly electricity customers are eligible to receive AMR. Half Hourly metering for larger sites is also automated. Any site that is currently read by someone visiting the meter can request free AMR on 0161 837 3351 or

How does the AMR work and how do I get it installed?

AMR works using GPRS or SMS technology to send your meter readings directly to Gazprom Energy allowing your bills to be based on accurate actual readings. For new customers, once you have transferred to Gazprom Energy and providing you are eligible (see the ‘Am I eligible for an AMR?’ question above), our AMR partner will contact you to arrange a suitable installation date for you.

For electricity customers one of our AMR partners will replace your existing meter with a smarter Advanced Meter to enable AMR. 

How long does it take for AMR to be installed or enabled once it has been requested?

For gas we generally install AMR within 20 working days of a request. However this is subject to us, or our partners, being able to schedule a suitable date to carry out the work.

A data logger, is plugged into an external port on the meter so there is no need to disconnect the gas supply. Generally installation takes around 20 minutes with minimal disruption to the site.

For electricity due to the fact that your full meter will be exchanged it takes a little longer. We aim to complete installation within 3 months of you starting with us.

You may experience a brief loss of power depending on the type of supply you have. This usually lasts no longer than an hour.

What happens if there is a problem with my AMR reads or Data?

Once AMR technology has been installed we check the reads that we are receiving and occasionally find that we have issues with the read or its collection. Your invoice may then be based upon an estimate rather than an actual read. We monitor any such issues and look to resolve them as soon as possible.

If you find yourself questioning the read we have collected and used to create your invoice or if you believe it to be inaccurate please contact us and we will investigate and inform you of any issues. You can contact the team on 0161 837 3351 or

Can I have access to my Half-Hourly interval data services from my AMR?

Yes, simply sign up to one of our AMR data service packages.

For new customers, please let the team know that you require AMR data services reports when you are agreeing to be supplied by us. For existing customers you can contact us at any time to discuss the different packages we have available. Please contact us on 0161 837 3351 or email


How can the AMR data services be accessed?

For gas we provide you with access to your data by file transfer (FTP).

For electricity you can access your electricity consumption data via our online self-service. However there are other options depending on the AMR provider we use for you (see below). We can discuss this with you before AMR is set-up.

Existing customers should check with us who to use

What different AMR data services packages can I buy?

For electricity customers we offer a Silver and Gold advanced meter reporting package. Silver provides you with access to your half hourly data at the end of each month and Gold provides access to yesterday’s data today.

For gas customers we have a single gas consumption data service report. This report provides HH consumption and is updated daily with yesterday’s data today.