Balancing Services Use of System Charges (BSUoS)

Charges that are paid by electricity suppliers based on the energy taken from or supplied to the National Grid system in each half-hour settlement period.

Base Load

Refers to the lowest level at which electricity demand never drops below. For example, if a business’ electricity demand never drops below 300 kVa, the site would have a base load of 300kVa.

BCM (or bcm)

Large scale units of measurement of gas volume - Billion cubic meters.

Bear Market

A market in which prices generally are declining. An energy trading term.

Billing Period

The period of time for which you are charged for using gas and electricity by your business energy supplier.


Also known as biofuels or bioenergy, biomass refers to energy obtained from organic matter, either from a specialist plant or indirectly from commercial, industrial or agricultural products. Biomass is considered a carbon neutral energy source, given that the carbon dioxide released during generation is balanced by the CO2 absorbed by plants as they grow.

British Electricity Trading And Transmission Arrangements (BETTA)

The British Electricity Trading And Transmission Arrangements, or BETTA, refers to the UK’s single wholesale electricity energy market. Introduced in 2005, BETTA replaced the, now defunct, NETA (New Electricity Trading Agreements) scheme.


A business with the primary function of bringing together the buyers and sellers of energy. Sometimes referred to as a third party intermediary or TPI.

Building Energy Rating (BER)

Launched in 2007, the Building Energy Rating (BER) is a form of legislation in which the ventilation and heating requirements of new and existing commercial buildings are judged against a naturally ventilated building benchmark. The rating is displayed on a scale of A to G, with A being the most energy efficient and G the least.

Bull Market

A market in which prices generally are rising, opposite of a bear market. An energy trading term.

Business Rates

Business rates are a tax levied on properties used for commercial businesses. Learn what the rateable value is on your property with our handy guide.