Feed-in Tariffs

Payments made by FIT licensed electricity suppliers to energy users who generate their own electricity They are designed to encourage the adoption of renewable energy sources and to help accelerate the move toward grid parity.

Fixed Charge

A charge levied by the energy supplier, which is separate to the standing charge. A fixed charge is normally billed on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis.

Flexible Energy Purchasing

Flexible energy purchasing, whether it be for gas or electricity, gives the customer the option to buy or sell energy at any time — making it possible to take advantage of fluctuations in the wholesale price of gas and electricity.

Fossil Fuel Levy (FFL)

The Fossil Fuel Levy was introduced to cover the cost of decommissioning nuclear generating plants in the UK. In England and Wales, the levy is set at a rate of 0.3%. In Scotland, where the FFL is referred to as the Scottish Renewable Order (SRO), the rate is set at 0.8%.

Fuel Mix Disclosure (FMD)

Launched in March 2005, the Electricity (Fuel Mix Disclosure) Act stipulates that electricity suppliers must provide customers with information on the mix of fuels used to produce the electricity supplied to them. This information, alongside other environmental statistics, is published on a customer’s bill.