Gas Day

Gas companies may define the start and end of their “Gas Day” in terms of 06.00 to 06.00, 08.00 to 08.00 or 12.00 to 12.00. This is very important contractually.

Gas Distribution

The transportation of gas through low pressure pipeline network(s).

Gas Substation

A site on a business customer’s premises where gas pressure is reduced from mains pressure to a medium or low pressure for use on site.

Gas Transporter (GT)

A Gas Transporter (GT) is responsible for maintaining the gas supply network.

Gas-fired Generation

A third of the UK’s electric power is generated in gas-fired power stations, and the process is considered the most efficient option for large-scale electricity production. Though gas-fired generation does release CO2, the emissions are much lower than burning traditional fossil fuels, like coal.

Giga Watt (GW)

A Giga Watt, often represented as GW, is the equivalent to 1,000 Mega Watts.

Greenhouse Gas Protocol

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol, commonly referred to as GHG, is the primary standard for emissions reporting. Developed by the World Resources Institute, the GHG protocol has become the corporate standard for carbon footprint calculation — making it easy for suppliers and customers to report the emissions of a specific site.

Grid Supply Point (GSP)

Grid Supply Point (GSP) refers to the point at which energy is taken from the National Grid transmission system, before being transported into a local distribution system.