Maximum Annual Quantity (MAQ)

The Maximum Annual Quantity (MAQ) represents the total amount of natural gas to be delivered to a customer’s site during the contracted year.

Maximum Demand

Maximum Demand refers to the peak energy usage (in kWh) of a single Half Hour cycle during a calendar month, or between two scheduled meter reads.


Electrical unit of power equal to one million watts. Standard measure of electric power plant generating capacity.


Means a meter which conforms to s17(1) of the Gas Act and is of an appropriate type for registering the quantity of gas supplied;

Meter Asset Manager (MAM)

This is defined in the Standard Conditions of Gas Supply Licence as a person or a class or description of persons possessing the expertise satisfactorily to design, install, commission, inspect, repair, alter, reposition, remove, renew and maintain the whole or part of the Supply Meter Installation as defined in Section M, paragraph 1.2 of the Network Code as at 1 August 2007; or a person whose staff have such expertise.

Meter Point

This is the point where a meter is, or will be, connected to the gas distribution network.

Meter Point Administration Service (MPAS)

The organisation responsible for assigning the Meter Point Administration Number to all electricity and gas supply points in the UK. For more information, visit

Meter Serial Number

The Meter Serial Number is an identification number assigned to every gas and electricity meter point in the UK, across both corporate and domestic energy customers. The Meter Serial Number may contain a combination of both letters and numbers, and can normally be found stamped, ingrained or attached to the front of the meter box. 


Refers to the small-scale generation of electricity, often by the business themselves. Considered a highly-renewable energy source, micro-generation can take many forms, including solar panels or domestic wind turbines.

Million Cubic Meters (MCM)

Million Cubic Meters is a unit of gas measurement, with 1 MCM equating to approximately 360,000 therms.