National Balancing Point (NBP)

National Balancing Point refers to the point at which wholesale gas is traded within the UK.

National Grid

National Grid own and manage the UK’s primary gas and electricity transmission systems. All electricity generated in the UK is transmitted to the National Grid before being transferred to the local distribution network. National Grid is responsible for transmitting electrical power from the generator to local distribution networks.

National Transmission System (NTS)

The National Transmission System, or NTS, is a network of high-pressure gas pipelines supplying gas to around forty power stations and large industrial users from natural gas terminals. The National Grid owns the NTS, and is responsible for supplying gas to the gas distribution companies.

Non-Half Hourly Meters

Non-Half Hourly Meters require the user, or their energy supplier, to manually read the device to obtain a meter read. Non-Half Hourly Meters are normally reserved for domestic users, or small business users.

Non-Daily Metered Supply Point

A Non-Daily Metered Supply Point is a Supply Point which is required to provide meter readings on a non daily basis, e.g monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.