Corporate customer FAQs

Whether you’re a new or existing Gazprom Energy customer, you can get your business energy questions answered right here on our dedicated Corporate customer FAQ page.

At Gazprom Energy, we pride ourselves on our simple and straightforward help and advice. Placing customer service at the heart of our business, we’re keen to offer support and guidance to all of our corporate energy customers, helping them extract maximum value from their energy service.

From switching to one of our flexible corporate energy contracts, to finding information on how to unlock and re-lock energy prices; our Corporate customer FAQs page is packed with useful information to help you solve your business energy queries and issues.

We understand that most of our corporate energy customers simply don’t have time to contact us each time they have a query about their business energy contracts. That’s why we’ve tried to make our Corporate customer FAQs page as comprehensive as possible, saving you valuable time and resources in your search for answers to your energy questions.

If you’re an existing Gazprom Energy corporate customer, our FAQs provide detailed help and advice on a range of topics related to gas and power supply management — giving you the flexibility to resolve issues yourself or else decide on the best possible course of action.

Alternatively, if you’re a new customer considering investing in one of our corporate energy contracts, our Corporate customer FAQs provide helpful insight into the sort of services and support you can expect as a Gazprom Energy customer.

While our FAQs page covers a multitude of different topics, we understand that you may wish to speak to us about a specific issue. If this is the case, please don’t hesitate to contact the Corporate team on 0845 873 2291. Regardless if you are a new or existing customer, our team will be all too happy to help with your enquiries.

 Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum volume for a gas or electricity flexible purchasing contract?

Typically, entry levels for a flexible purchasing contract with Gazprom Energy would be 1,000,000 kWh per annum for gas and 10,000,000 kWh per annum for electricity.

Customers with smaller volume requirements can still take advantage of our gas flexible purchasing contracts by speaking to our corporate team on 0845 873 2291.


When is it possible for me to trade?

Your trading hours depend on the terms agreed in your contract but they are usually between 9:00am and 4:00pm on a business day when the relevant commodity markets are open.

What's happening in the gas markets?

Contact the Gazprom Energy Trading team at, and we can provide free information on gas prices.

You can also request the Gazprom Energy Daily Market Report (also free) to get an overall view of the market.

With flexible purchasing can I re-forecast my gas consumption?

Gas flexible purchasing customers can re-forecast Daily Metered (DM) gas up to the month of consumption. Please contact your account manager or the Corporate team on 0845 873 2291 to discuss this further.

Can Gazprom Energy provide me with a basket position report?

Yes. For both gas and power basket position requests please contact the Gazprom Energy Trading team on

Can sites be added to or removed during a flexible purchasing gas?

Yes, sites can be added or removed during the period of the gas contract. We will recalculate your forecast consumption and provide new fixed costs.

Does my energy contract allow me to unlock and re-lock prices and is this limited in any way?

Unlimited locks and un-locks, as related to your energy needs, are available with our gas flexible purchasing contracts. Please call our Corporate team on 0845 873 2291 to discuss this further.

How is a gas meter reading converted to kWh?

This depends on whether the gas meter is metric (i.e. measures in cubic metres) or imperial (i.e. measures in cubic feet). For a metric meter, the calculation is as follows: ((End Read – Start Read) x Calorific Value x Correction Factor*) / 3.6 = kWh

For an Imperial meter, the calculation is as follows: ((End Read – Start Read) x Calorific Value x Correction Factor 2.83) / 3.6 = kWh

*Correction Factor is an allowance for your unique location and meter type. This is shown on your invoice.

How are invoices for gas flexible purchasing contracts calculated?

Gas flexible purchasing contracts are made up of three elements — cost of gas, the Base Rate and the Daily Standing Charge (DSC).

The Daily Standing Charge (DSC) is made up of several fees:

  • Capacity – Transportation charge (per/day) — Daily Capacity element
  • Site – Transportation charge (per/day)
  • Asset – Meter Rental charge applied by the Meter Asset Manager (this covers the installation and maintenance of the actual meter and is an annual charge)
  • Reads – Annual charge to cover the cost of obtaining a meter read — either manually or through an AMR device
  • Unidentified Gas Charge – Charge (per/day) by the networks to cover gas that is taken off the system but not accounted for. Reasons include actual theft of gas or unregistered meters

On your invoice you will see the DSC multiplied by the number of days covered by the invoice.

The Base Rate includes:

  • Commodity – Transportation Charge by commodity volume (p/kWh)
  • Fixed Costs – The management fee (p/kWh), risk fee and any broker commission