Food and drink

Stay in control of your corporate energy bills with a flexible energy contract from Gazprom Energy. Perfect for manufacturing businesses in the food and drink sector, our gas and power contracts offer competitive pricing and complete reliability — so you can enjoy a cost-effective energy supply that won’t let you down.

Your business needs

We understand that you operate in a very competitive market and after raw materials, energy is one of your largest outgoings.  To stay ahead of the competition you need to look for ways to reduce costs while keeping the production line running.

You probably want to improve sustainability but this can’t affect the quality or safety of your operations because you rely on the fact that your customers know and trust your products.

Our offer

To put you in control of your gas spend, we’ll work with you to understand your exact needs so we can give you a competitive deal on a package that works for you.

In a fast moving, high output industry like yours you can take advantage of the daily movements in the gas market through one of our flexible gas contracts.  You’ll be supported by an account manager and our Client Services team who will provide you with the data and information you need to manage your gas costs.  

You could also benefit commercially from trading carbon credits through our in-house carbon trading team who will be happy to talk to you about the market.  

Find out more

Gazprom Energy is one of the market leaders when it comes to flexible gas contracts and our knowledge of these products is unrivalled. 

To find out more about the flexible gas contracts we can offer food and drink manufacturing businesses like yours, please call Ashley Armitage on 0845 873 2291.

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