Mark Doyle

mark doyle gazprom energy

Mark Doyle, Senior Corporate Account Manager

 Please tell us a bit about your professional background, what attracted you to working at Gazprom Energy, and how long you’ve been with the business.

I have worked at Gazprom Energy for nine and a half years. Prior to that, I worked as an Energy Consultant for 12 years – meaning I have amassed 20 + years of experience in this ever-changing industry.

Having spent time negotiating major supply contracts on the consultancy side, I wanted to expand my knowledge and look at the industry from a different perspective – understanding the intricacies of pricing and enhancing my knowledge of power market fundamentals. Indeed, working at Gazprom Energy has allowed me to look at both Gas and Power in greater depth.

What is your position within the team, and what does your role involve day-to-day?

My current role is Senior Corporate Account Manager, managing the day-to-day running of the accounts for our larger customers. It’s fair to say each day can be quite varied, ranging from customer query management, to negotiating bespoke supply agreements that meet customer expectations.

I’m also involved in finding ways to enhance existing company processes – with a view of making efficiency improvements in line with company strategy. In addition, my role involves managing key stakeholders across the business.

What makes Gazprom Energy different to other business energy suppliers?

Despite our rapid growth, Gazprom Energy has maintained a level of flexibility that is of paramount importance in this evolving industry. We have streamlined processes to make the customer experience more seamless.

There is a huge level of pride among colleagues and this lends itself to a ‘can-do’ culture. We’re always reflecting on what we do, and I think it’s fair to say that the only constant at Gazprom Energy is change.

What do you find enjoyable and satisfying about your role within the business?

The most satisfying part of my role is when we exceed customers’ expectations. Customers are at the very heart of the business and everything we do. It’s also important that we continually look to innovate in our roles, learn new skills, and ultimately, become an extension of the customer’s business.

What skills has your role enabled you to develop, and how do you put these into practice to benefit our customers?

In a role of this nature, communication is key – both internally and externally. The variety within my role and our ‘Think Like a Customer’ initiative have ensured that my communication skills are kept finely tuned. In addition, learning about the power of reflection has enabled me to deliver a better and more effective service.