Public sector

At Gazprom Energy, we realise the importance of the services that businesses in the public sector provide to the wider community. That's why we provide you with a reliable and supportive energy service for your educational institution or healthcare site in the UK.

Over the past decade, we’ve worked with dozens of organisations in the public sector, providing cost effective business energy contracts that help organisations to stay in control of their monthly financial overheads.

The people in our Corporate Accounts make it easy for schools, colleges and healthcare facilities to find a flexible energy purchasing contract to suit their specific requirements — tailoring each contract to the organisation’s individual energy demands.

Find out more about our energy contracts for public sector businesses below.

Reliable energy from a supplier you can trust

Gazprom Energy is recognised as a leading name in corporate energy solutions, and we have lots of experience working alongside organisations across the public sector. Our Corporate Accounts team will work directly with you to provide accurate billing, real-time access to your consumption data, and regular information on legislation that could affect energy cost.

Not only does this provide greater peace of mind for your business, it makes it much easier to manage and maintain your individual energy goals. Whether you want accurate monthly invoices or to reduce your carbon emissions, with our ongoing support and guidance, you’ll get the service you deserve.

We also offer a range of carbon management solutions, so you can benefit commercially from trading carbon credits through our in-house carbon trading team — helping you to optimise the carbon position of your business.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about our flexible energy contracts for organisations in the public sector, call the Gazprom Energy Corporate Accounts team. With years of experience helping large organisations manage their energy contracts, our team of corporate account managers can help you find the energy package to suit your needs, and provide ongoing support for the duration of your contract.

To find out more about the flexible gas contracts we can offer to Educational institutes like yours, please call Jen Dixon on 0845 873 2291.

We've got you covered.