Power purchase agreements (PPA)

If your business is looking to partner with one of the UK’s leading business energy companies, Gazprom Energy could be the perfect choice.

A PPA with Gazprom Energy could help you profit from energy generated from combined heat and power (CHP), waste, solar and battery storage sources. 

We will offer you a great price to buy the electricity generated by the renewable system on your premises. A long-term fixed contract will also guarantee that your business’ energy supply is protected against the impact of a fluctuating market. 

The benefits of PPA 

  • Reduced costs attributed to generating energy in-house.
  • Reduce business overheads significantly in the short and long term.
  • Improve your business’ energy efficiency
  • With the unit price for electricity fixed for the duration of the contract, there’ll be no unexpected price rises – helping you know what income you’ll generate.

How to enter into a power purchase agreement with Gazprom Energy

If you’re keen to enjoy the benefits of entering into a power purchase agreement with Gazprom Energy, the process is simple. Simply get in touch with our Clean Energy team on 0161 829 0108, and we’ll organise a analysis of your premises to determine whether you qualify.

We will then handle the process, minimising the impact on you and your business.