A glance at the new EU Regulation – Tariff Network Code

With the new EU regulation coming into force by 1 October 2019 – we highlight some of the potential impacts this may cause for the industry.

We have a new EU regulation called the Tariff Network Code which has to be implemented across the EU by 1 October 2019. The objective of which is to contribute to market integration, enhancing security of supply and promoting the interconnection between gas networks.

Whilst the UK’s energy markets are currently competitive the new regulation will have some impacts which are outlined in the table below, along with the proposals as they currently stand:

We expect a formal consultation in spring 2018 with a decision made next year with an aim of  providing as much notice as possible.

Customers will need to monitor developments to determine the likely impact on them from the proposed changes.

If you’d like to know a bit more of a background to the Tarrif Network Code regulation, National Grid have provided a helpful user guidance document which you can access here.