Energy Guide - What are you paying for?

On top of the wholesale cost of the gas and electricity that business buy from suppliers are a host of third party charges and levies.

It's an area of the energy market that isn't always understood. Because of this, and with these charges likely to continue to rise in the near future, we've created a guide to help businesses make sense of these costs so they can better understand how their consumption relates to their final bill.

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Five fast facts

  1. The cost to businesses of buying electricity and gas in the UK has more than doubled since 2004, according to government statistics*
  2. Around 43% of your electricity bill and 25% of your gas bill are made up of unavoidable non-energy costs like distribution, environmental charges and taxes​​​​​​​
  3. Price rises are predicted to accelerate over the next decade as the changes to energy generation in the UK outlined in the Energy Bill are implemented
  4. The commercial and industrial sectors consume 55% of electricity in the UK, but account for only 18% of direct gas consumption
  5. 47% of the UK’s natural gas is consumed in electricity generation

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