Automated Meter Readings (AMR)

Interested in using an automated meter reading solution to monitor the energy consumption of your business? Depending on how much energy you use, your business may be eligible for AMR technology to help monitor gas or electricity consumption.

For small businesses looking to understand and control the amount of energy they use, automated meter readings are great for accurately monitoring consumption. Eliminating the need for estimated bills, AMR systems mean you’ll only ever pay for the gas and electricity you use.

 For more information on AMR, including the advantages and benefits, read on.

 Energy supply can represent a significant cost for small businesses. But many businesses don’t have measures in place to monitor usage, making it difficult to manage or save on their consumption.

AMR devices offer an effective way to overcome this problem. The technology provides actual usage information, which is then used to calculate your energy bills more accurately. Businesses can also access the data collected by the AMR device, a helpful way to monitor the amount of gas or electricity your business uses.

AMR — the benefits for small businesses

Cost Savings: By paying close attention to your business’ energy use, you could reduce waste and lower costs.

Accuracy: Accurate billing will reflect your actual energy consumption, so you’ll only pay for the energy you use.

Convenience: Rather than submitting your readings or arranging for the meter to be read, accurate, up-to-the-minute readings are collected remotely — meaning less disruption to your business.

Efficiency and control: With the help of AMR, businesses can gain insight into when their energy is being used, and will be able to put plans in place to be more efficient if necessary.

Advanced meters (electricity) and data loggers (gas) are the key to making this possible. These provide one-way communication between your gas or electricity meter and the supplier. Data loggers can be added to any existing gas meter that features a ‘pulse’ output, whereas basic electricity meters need to be replaced with advanced meters to deliver AMR capability.

Recently, we have also begun installing embedded gas meters, which act just like advanced electricity meters (in which the remote communication element is built into the meter). For instances in which an embedded meter is required, a gas meter exchange would need to happen to facilitate AMR.

For more information on our AMR services for small businesses, or to check your eligibility, visit our AMR FAQ page or call 0845 230 0011.