Gas shipping services

We have a gas shipping licence so as well as supplying our own customers, we can also sell gas to other gas suppliers in the UK.

If you’re a new entrant to the gas market looking for a gas shipper that will offer you competitive prices and a solid partnership then look no further than Gazprom Energy. 

  • Our team has over ten years’ experience in gas shipping and as one of the leading business gas suppliers in the UK, we can offer you plenty of guidance on regulation, licence obligations and all of the other aspects you need to think about when starting a new energy company.
  • We offer a range of gas products that we can tailor to meet your needs and the needs of your target customers. This also means you can choose the amount of risk you want to take with the market; we can offer you a high level of protection or complete flexibility depending on your strategy and market savviness.   
  • We also offer competitive credit structures which make it easier to support your business growth and enable you to re-invest in your business.
  • We can work with all of the majority utility IT providers so you can have confidence that we'll be able to integrate with your chosen IT provider. Plus we’ll give you access to online position repots and daily market information so you can make informed decisions and choose when best to buy
  • Our highly experienced IT team will support the setup of links between you and the industry bodies, getting you up and running efficiently to achieve your go live dates no matter how ambitious

If you already have a customer base and you simply want to explore your shipping options, we’d be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a gas shipping proposal to compare against your current arrangement.

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We already work with a number of independent suppliers in the UK and have done so for many years:

“Operating in the UK gas market can be very challenging for a small independent supplier.  The flexibility, technical support and highly competitive pricing offered by Gazprom Energy has enabled us to grow a hugely successful supply business.  We are also very pleased with the market and regulatory reporting we receive which helps us make informed decisions within our business.”
I&C energy supplier – shipping customer since 2006

For those suppliers that handle their own shipping we can offer a variety of trading products via our parent company GM&T. These contracts include but are not limited to NBP 93s and GTMAs. This range of products means that Gazprom Energy can support your needs all that from new entrant to a major player in the UK energy industry.